Featured Projects

Professional Stewards Services

Posted on: June 9th, 2016
Professional Stewards Services (PSS), LLC is committed to providing government and commercial customers with sapient solutions using cutting-edge methodologies that advance the customer’s mission. With the combined knowledge of over 25 years in the government sector, PSS has gained a deep understanding of the challenges and needs of clients in the federal market. Visit Carolyn and Co. Hair Studio at http://profstewards.com/

Carolyn and Co. Hair Studio

Posted on: December 27th, 2015
Carolyn and Company Hair Studio is a Barber Shop, Hair Salon, Nail Salon and Spa. They are a conglomerate of trained professionals dedicated to creating and demonstrating the highest level of customer service and customer care. They believe in the total maintenance of the Body, Mind, and Spirit. Visit Carolyn and Co. Hair Studio at http://carolynandcompany.biz/

Peter Tosh

Posted on: August 12th, 2015
Peter Tosh was and is a true leader whose music and message inspires people on every continent throughout the world. Peter Tosh exploded onto the world stage as an activist and solo artist with his 1976 release, Legalize It! Tosh worked to promote the legalization of marijuana, equal rights, and to expand Jamaica’s cultural and musical influence. Peter was no stranger to oppression in his homeland and knew the fight for legalization and equal rights well. His music served as a catalyst for a generation to fight for what they believed in. Visit Peter Tosh at http://petertosh.com

Twisted Spaces

Posted on: May 28th, 2015
Twisted Spaces LLC offers a complete range of design and decoration services for residential spaces. Their specialties are staging and space management, providing clients innovative uses of space, alternative materials and most importantly an artfully designed space filled with distinction. Visit Twisted Spaces at http://twistedspaces.com

E & G Consulting

Posted on: April 14th, 2015
E & G Consulting specializes in architecture, interior design and construction management for Customers in the DC Metropolitan area. The firm is headquartered in Columbia, Maryland and was established in 2009. Visit E & G Consulting at www.eandgconsulting.com/