At Greenlight Design Studios, we have over 15 years of experience creating custom artwork for our clients. We cater to you and your Target Audience. We pull ideas from you to create artwork that fully represents your vision, and use those ideas and our experience to create a project that is uniquely yours.

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    Every company has an ideal client, tell us a little about the demographic that your company targets, for example: age, gender and profession. Mention who your competitors are, and also how you are different from them. What is your unique selling point?

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    6. Do you have any images or company graphics that should be used in this project?

    Do you have any images/graphics that should be referenced for this project? If so please provide a website link to the image or attach it in an email to .

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    Please mention if your company already has an established color scheme, or if you have a color in mind for your project, and any colors to avoid.

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